Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Dark Domain

Sure it's evil, but they got stuff everybody else wants. YARRR!

Some say that the Dogwa is a demon lord that managed to get himself shat out of hell and closed the sphincter behind him. Others say that he is a cambion that rose to power in the volcanic region in the northern part of the Dark Domain and carved himself an empire with heavy use of sorcerous power. Still others say he was entirely human and became corrupted by demonic rituals.

Regardless of his origins, the Dogwa rules the Dark Domain with an iron fist and an open palm. He wields absolute control over the interior, but recognizes the power of trade as influence over his troublesome neighbors. The Domain exports ebony, gemstones, glasswork (especially obsidian), and spices. All the best spices seem to come from the Dark Domain (all the best poisons as well, go figure). Due to the political climate east of the Domain, Dark spices bring a high price in Dule, the Redlands, and especially the Whitelands (where use of Dark spice is frowned upon).

After the drubbing the Redlander navy visited upon it, the Dark navy never regained its former imposing military might. However, it regained much influence by keeping the trade lanes open and safe for ALL merchant ships with legitimate trade. The Dogwa welcomes ships of all nations that wish to do business in his ports... provided they give the Dark navy no reason to think they're spies (or pirates). It's an open secret that each Dark captain has his own arrangements with dock masters and merchant captains, and many have grown rich by acting as a middleman/racketeer. Any ship approaching a Dark port must expect to be searched, and would be wise to have a hefty bribe on hand to ensure favor with whatever Dark Domain warship happens upon them.

As one might expect, the Dark Domain is teeming with orcs, goblins, gnolls, and other humanoids. Despite this, humans make up close to half of the population (supporting the theory that the Dogwa himself is/was human), and it's mostly humans that do the building and farming. It is also said that the Dogwa is friendly with Drow and Druergar, but since the seas boiled the underworld races have been largely silent and unseen.

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