Monday, September 11, 2006



YARRR! The Bloody Cutlass set sail with our ragtag band of would-be pirate heroes. All the party found themselves aboard a pirate ship owned by Captain Shanahan, sailing the seas of the Uncharted Archipelago.

The first notable encounter was with Zakhi, the Dead Pirate--so called because he sails with a crew made up entirely of the Undead. Bruuuahahahah! Spooky! Shanahan ordered battlestations when Zakhi was sighted but gave no aggressive action. Zakhi was allowed to board with a passenger in tow--a live Redlander girl, no more than eight summers old. Zakhi handed her over to Shanahan, saying "One such as this has no place aboard the Sunrise." Several Cutlass crewmembers noted "fresh" walking corpses at the ready amongst Zakhi's crew--perhaps the girl's parents?

Zakhi left without further incident, although Shanahan kept battlestations at the ready until the sails of the Sunrise were no longer visible.

The girl--whom the crew took to calling "Newt" for some reason--provided somewhat of her story to Shanahan after a few days. Near as he could tell, her family was part of a treasure hunting expedition that ran afoul of hostile natives. Shanahan displayed a high knowledge of the local waters and ordered a heading unfamiliar to any crewmember (that's why he's the Captain, godsdammit! ARRRR!).

Within a day Squee sighted a volcanic island that showed signs of native orcish activity through a spyglass. Shanahan ordered a boarding party to the longboats and it wasn't long before they were hip-deep in orc entrails! YARRR! Shanahan's fighting prowess was shown then... any orc within reach of his rapier died gurgling. The man had to climb over heaps of entrail-wearing entrail-leaking corpses just to make the next unfortunate savage leak his entrails.

The boarding party soon discovered the underground warren of the orc tribe. Shanahan ordered a group of scalawags down one corridor and took the bulk of the party down a more used path.

Of course, our story focuses on the seemingly less fortunate scalawags. While wandering rough-hewn moist tunnels and fighting tribal warriors, they came upon a goblin named Dingbat lurking in secret passages. Dingbat hated the Cult of the Squid God, and gleefully offered to take the party to a secret passage that lead to the High Priest and his entourage.
The party followed Dingbat's passage and came upon an unholy scene: the High Priest was summoning the Squid God into the world! Ick! Even as they watched, slimy tentacles were bursting from the abdomen of a sacrifice--more tentacles than an orcish body could contain!

There was a tense discussion of tactics and then a surprise attack on the unholy savages. Were it not for the chaotic nature of squid gods, the fight may have gone in a different direction... but once the Priest's concentration was broken, the squid god began devouring it's own followers! Without the High Priest to chant the summoning spell, the portal to Chaos was broken and our pirate heroes were able to loot the swag of the High Priest.


Dagon said...

Keep it up you Evil Monkey, you don't want to be one of 'those guys', the ones that say they'll keep the posts up to date on their webfarms but never do. Cultivate your gaming stories, don't let them fade into obscurity. leaving noww i need another drink....

Anonymous said...

Cool! Fun! Now you need a place for "Persona Dramatis"

EvilMonkey said...

Persona Dramatis is coming, as well as entries on the Redlands, Whitelands, Duleandre, and the Dark Domain (kingdom of the Dogwa).