Monday, August 13, 2007

Mad Wizard Island

There is an accursed island some 8 days sail east of Midport and 4 days sail sou-souwest of Feyport. This isle is cursed because it attracts all manner of wizards and sorcerers, whether they be mad as hatters or just mad like regular wizardin' folk are like to get. Some say there be magicks that work only on the Isle, or that there be doorways to other worlds hidden there. Others say there be siren's a-callin' there, and only the mad may hear 'em.

Regardless o' the nature of the attraction, the Isle has played host to mad wizards for nigh on 200 years. The crew o' the Cutlass, and later the Maelstrom, have seen enough o' the weird and unnatural on Mad Wizard Island to never want to go back, and aye, they only been there twice! From the dreaded Pengurangulions to swimming owlbears to shifting landscape to multiple Razaqs, the crew has had a bellyful of hazards brought about by mortals mucking about with things that Should Not Be, or Things That Should Be Left Alone, or Things That Should Be Toilet Trained, or... well whate'er.

One thing the crew encountered that was not so disturbin' was a village o' natives what had taken up residence in a snug harbor. They be a small brown folk that seemed to be curiously unaffected by the unnatural blights that plague the Isle. Most humans what see them call 'em dwarves, and most dwarves what see 'em call em human. Could be they was dwarf or human stock what adapted to survive the Isle. In their language, they be Po-Chuk Tua (the People of the Isle).

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