Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thennin Leads to Black Bart

In the early part of the search for Razaq, the crew made camp for the night and posted watches.

During Murgosis' watch he was given a vision of a Ship of the Dead, whos crew gave him dire news from home. The land of Egypt was in great peril due to the traitor priest Amhotep, who had struck an unholy bargain with the king of the fire giants. The Dead bade him to seek help from the Red King, else the land of Egypt would be lost.

During Winston's watch a human wizard strode into the camp--cautiously, with a lantern held in one hand and the other in plain view. He struck up a conversation and even produced a tea set with which he made a fine tea. He called himself Thennin. He seemed to know a great deal about Winston's personal history and current quest, but seemed to have to dredge names and places up out of a deep memory.
Winston asked how Thennin came to be here. In the way of wizards speaking to non-wizard folk he said that his path led him through here, and that he must take this path because the easier path lead to madness like the madness that gripped Razaq.
They finished pleasant conversation and then Thennin was on his way.

Then the crew went forth to slay Razaq in his many forms, as we have seen. They were on their way back to the village--lead by the native Ochobo and trailing the no-longer-toad-but-elf-again Laina--when they encountered Thennin again, only this time in something of a rush.
He ran full tilt out from behind a sapling too small to conceal a man, yet from out behind it he sprang.
He skidded to a halt in front of the crew and puffed "You! You're--hah--here! Help me fight off these Mantis Men and I'll help you find Bloody Bart! No, wait, Black Paul! No, that's not right either--just help me and I'll lead you to one of the men you're looking for!"

The crew agreed and was quickly set upon by Mantis Men! They were quick and hard-shelled! Nary a blade could pierce their exoskeletons! Ignored many a mighty magick did they!
In the end, they all died of course. They faced the crew of the Maelstrom! YARRR!

Thennin was true to his word. For two days he lurked in the prow, pointing this way and that, until a ship that flew Demming's colors was sighted. Much skulduggery was planned and discarded for meeting the enemy boat, but in the end both ships came to broadside each other and board. Boom went the cannons! YARRR went the pirates! Battle was joined. Black Bart revealed himself to be an expert pistoleer, firing with both hands, then pulling two more pistols and firing those in quick succession, wounding Laina grievously. A mirror twin of Mad Addy joined in and finished Laina off, but aside from that the battle went in favor of the Maelstrom. Bart sought to escape into the hold, but a fireball from Adannaya followed him into what turned out to be the powder room.
Murgosis and Jenna, not to be cheated of a kill, dove into the water to recover Bart's effects. Murgosis found him swimming away, unhurt by the explosion!
He was not left unhurt by Murgosis. Bart faded away upon his death, as did Addy. Sure and Bloody Paul must be getting close now...


librarianrandy said...

"...sure and Bloody Paul must be close behind." - Followed closely by Ghostly John, Saintly George and Enormous Schnoz Ringo.

Really good synopsis, I can't wait to read the end when we go up against Meat Grinder Paul Demmings.

Evil Monkey said...

OMG you may regret coming up with those names.

Sure and he was a meat grinder. And only lvl 20!