Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Maelstrom: 0, Thieve's Guild: 2

I never got around to a full synopsis of the last couple games, so here are some bullet points:

  • Red King teleports Maelstrom to Drachensgraab in search of Kraig
  • Stelgar uses Map to find Kraig in thieve's guild
  • John Wayning the gauntlet: bad idea
  • Razaq is Christofer's mentor. Eats soup.
  • Stelgar uses Map to find back way into Thieve's Guild
  • Crew gets thumped by Kraig and Chamille; Orvis, Winston, Jenna captured. Nicodemus 'familiar' killed by Chamille. Laina dives into Planar Portal, meets Christo and Layali.
  • Nicodemus dimension doors captives out of Thieve's Guild
  • Sail to Feyjounaisse, Sidonie gives Zakhi bauble. Sidonie soul bitch-slaps Laina; renames her Laina the Red.
  • Another Zakhi bauble gained from under the sea floor. Crew returns to unnatural storm with Maelstrom under attack by storm faeries.

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