Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Red King and Beyond

Since I am an incredible slacker and have not updated in forever, we'll have a Story So Far post to catch things up.

There has been some confusion expressed about how/where/why the plot is going. To keep it simple, here are the things that need to happen according to various quests and portents:

1. The Curse of Zakhi must be broken
2. Murgosis must be freed
3. The gate to Silverleaf must be unlocked.
4. Some sort of accord between Silverleaf and Egypt must be brought about. What exactly this means is unclear.
5. The gnomes enslaved in Egypt must be freed.

To make it complicated, here are details involving each point:

1. The Curse of Zakhi must be broken because it leads to Antideluvia the Sea Witch. Antideluvia cannot be located by scrying or other magical means because she often lairs in pocket dimensions. Once Zakhi has the last bauble in hand he can use them as a compass to find the Sea Witch, no matter where she hides.

2. Murgosis must be freed first and foremost because he's a lovable thuggish part of the crew (right? right?). Secondly, according to a vision brought about by Xue Yun, he is a key to the reconciliation of Silverleaf and Egypt. Christofer Silverleaf was seen as an artisan crafting a tableau of Murgosis kneeling and presenting a pair of silver leaves to his father.
2a. Antideluvia the Sea Witch holds Murgosis and has the key to the Gate of Silverleaf.

3. According to a vision given to Dagon by Garl Glittergold, the Gate to Silverleaf is a huge ancient oak tree growing underground in Dwarven lands far to the north. What exactly the key is and how a tree becomes a gate is unknown.

4. According to a vision had by Murgosis on Mad Wizard Isle, Egypt is embroiled in a civil war brought about by treachery from one of its high-ranking generals.
According to scrying and research of the Red King, Silverleaf is somehow locked into Egypt.
Also according to the Red King, he himself cursed it when he was evil. It is now a place infested with Undead.
How exactly a cursed land filled with undead is supposed to reconcile with a nation of xenophobic zealot minotaurs remains to be seen.

5. Freeing the gnomes enslaved in Egypt is a holy quest given to Dagon by Garl Glittergold himself.


Dagon said...

Is there an order these things should be done in?

Evil Monkey said...

The way they're numbered.

librarianrandy said...

Can we do all of them tomorrow?!?